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About Vipul N Gupta

Vipul N Gupta is working as a Relationship Expert, Women Empowerment Coach, and Motivational Speaker.

Vision: To empower the women of India by making them realize their self-worth and self-respect and help them become financially independent.

Mission: To empower 1 million women by 2030.

As a Women Empowerment Coach: Vipul N Gupta has a Burning Desire to help women, who have the potential and desire to make them financially strong and independent. She believes that every woman must know her self-worth, and for it, she has to respect and love herself. Vipul N Gupta considers that WOMEN ARE POWER and every woman needs to awake her inner Power which is lost because of the orthodox mindset.

The Doors of ‘Swatantra SHE’ are always opened for the females, who are fighting to live with their rights, grace, and respect. Vipul N Gupta is an expert to provide coaching to the females who want to come out from the dark cave of sorrow and diffidence & have an aspiration to prove themselves as a Power.

As a Relationship Expert - She revived many marriages from worst to worth. She believes that to live a happy and charming relationship is an Art. It is never late to restart a relationship. Vipul N Gupta has a Crystal-Clear Vision that to be happy and successful in life, you must be happy in your relationship. Growth in the relationship will make a path towards Success. She provides consultation to an individual and couple on a one-on-one basis and provides a fruitful solution for a smooth relationship with the spouse. She deals with clients having emotional, mental, physical, and adjustment issues in their Love, Pre & Post Marriage by listening and understanding the problems by heart and provides Quality service. She helps you to heal yourself and start loving yourself more.

As a Motivational Speaker -Vipul N Gupta is a Motivational Keynote Speaker in the area of Women's Empowerment and Marriage Relationship. She is awarded the winner of the ‘Overall Championship’ at MS Talks.


Pre-Marriage Counselling

Why do some marriages have bad phases, have you ever thought about it? We do our best for the preparation of marriage to arrange the best Banquet Hall, Pandit, Band, DJ and everything. But we do not make our minds to visit a counsellor before fixing a marriage. Pre-marriage counselling helps the future couple to know them deeply at those points which we ignored and unwilling they become the reason of bad phases of marriage. Pre-marital counselling provides the platform to strengthen the relationship stronger and cherish life forever.

Post-Marriage Counselling / Pre-Divorce Counselling

Marriage is a starting point for a couple towards the long journey of Married Life. But sometimes it loses its charm for the lack of trust, love, respect, care and healthy communication. Most of the couples are not ready and aware of the changing priorities and responsibilities & unknowingly the dark clouds of misunderstanding, sorrow and dispute spread over. But it is never late to RESTART the relationship. Post-Marriage Counselling helps in keeping the relationship alive and provides better solutions to live again happily with love, respect, care and trust.

Post Divorce Counselling

To restore the mental and physical health of the person who is in deep mourn of Divorce. It is time to come out of the situation and rebuild a life again. It is time to get back to your life. Happiness is waiting for you at the end of sorrow. Shake your hand with your new life and start to live according to you.

Re-Marriage Counselling

Happiness is knocking again at your door in form of a new Life-Partner. Welcome this happiness with a positive mindset and beware to make mistakes to compare him/her with your last life partner. No one is perfect. Re-marriage counselling will help you to make strong connections with new life-partner.

Women Empowerment Coaching

Vipul N Gupta is an expert in helping women who are on their way to find their voice, set their life goals, build confidence, unlock their potential, increase their self-esteem. If you want to find yourself, you are in the right place. Be ready to set yourself free from your past either you were a victim of any occurrence, faced domestic violence or irony of society, now you are free to achieve what you want most in life. First, burn a desire to be financially strong and start to love yourself more than anyone else.You are a creator so never underestimate your power.

Are you ready to transform your life, invest time and energy, willing to change?

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  • Vision: : To empower the women of India by knowing their self-worth and self-respect and help them become financially independent.
  • Values: Vulnerability, Integrity, Passion, Uplifting others, Leadership.
  • She is on a mission to empower 1 million women by 2030.

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